Travel Bucket List

Since I was a child, I have always been fascinated about the different cultures around the world. The history of countries throughout the globe have always filled me with a sense of wonder and excitement. I wanted to and still wish to experience the other side of the world myself. I hope to someday leave my small little bubble in New Jersey and experience a different world for myself.

Here are my Top 10 travel destinations.

1. Salzburg, Austria

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I would likely be lying if I said if it weren’t for The Sound of Music, there is a large possibility I wouldn’t know Salzburg existed. However watching this film for as long as I can remember introduced me to the beauties of Austria. Aside from the film itself, Salzburg is home to some of the most historical and beautiful structures in the world. In all honesty though, Julie Andrews was there and thats enough for me.

2. Prague, Czech Republic

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I have yet to come across a picture of Prague that hasn’t taken my breath away. The architecture is next level and the history, abundant.

3. Bath, Somerset, England

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I’ve recently discovered Bath and I was instantly blown away. It seems there are trinkets and treasures on every corner. There is so much to explore and experience here.

4. Munich, Germany

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I think you might be noticing a trend in terms of the architecture I am drawn too. Other than the fact that its beautiful, there is really no explanation for my fascination. Why Munich? Why not Berlin? Aside from Munich being significantly smaller in size than Berlin, the structures themselves are much older.

History Lesson: With Berlin being the capital, it made it a prime target during World War II. After the Battle of Berlin which took place at the end of the war, Berlin was almost completely obliterated. In result, this made Berlin a relatively modern city as they had to rebuild from the damages. While Munich faced significant damages as well, it in no way compared to the city of Berlin.

5. Oświęcim, Poland

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I have a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, its not offered by most schools but I promise its a thing. I have been reading about World War II and the Holocaust since I was in the 4th grade. A trip like this would be emotionally draining, but I feel obligated to visit such a place and help remember those who lost their lives there.

6. Edinburgh, Scotland

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While my family comes from Glasgow, not Edinburgh, something about the city seems magical.

7. Copenhagen, Denmark

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One of my favorites childhood books took place in Copenhagen, and no it wasn’t The Little Mermaid, but rather Journey to America by Sonia Levitin. I was an odd child.

8. Brussels, Belgium

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9. Budapest, Hungary

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A part of me so desperately wants to go to the Széchenyi Baths, but germ freak in me says, “better not”.

10. Rome, Italy

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My almost 5 years of studying Italian could possibly come in handy here, but who are we kidding. I am hoping to find a Gregory Peck and have myself a holiday.


Favorite Instagram Accounts

We live in the age where we are easily influenced and inspired by things we see on social media. In the lists below I’ve complied my favorite Instagram accounts that will either make you really hungry, fill you with wanderlust, or just kinda wish you weren’t poor.


• martha collision •

a quarter finalist on the great british bake off, martha, who runs a blog herself, is still whipping up and sharing some killer recipes

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• live green healthy •

vegan meals that almost seem too good to be true

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